Agarwood buds products of legend

When studying the legends preserved by the cultures of Dong Son, Sa Huynh and Oc Eo cultures, the researchers found that ancient Vietnamese people used herbs containing essential oils. The fragrance came to be 5,000 years ago.

People who practice worshiping rituals in the Viet Co ethnic group are considered to be the inventors of modern incense, incense and Vien Tram when using fragrant tree sap for worship. They believe that the fragrance will help connect mankind and gods, and the world will be more protected by the gods.

Entering the 21st century, the ethical and business controversies, along with the advances of science, have changed the incense industry, Vien Tram. Brands shift to using synthetic chemicals to simulate the smell of Tram Huong.

When the brands Huong / Incense produced according to the market trend, Huong Tam Linh found his own way and remained faithful to the production method written in ancient texts recording the recipes of predecessors. The “believers” using Spiritual Agarwood always feel, the natural aroma of herbs, the soft, sweet, warm scent waving in the space whenever burning.

Spiritual Agarwood is made of 100% from frankincense powder and herbs so the product has the original brown color of agarwood, and is bound together by natural Litsea glue. Specialized product for smoke waterfall with backflow smoke effect is both a decoration and a feng shui object.

-Disease the air, bring feng shui balance
-Rose lotus buds and incense to help cleanse the air, defile the air, create a clean atmosphere where to live and work, cozy homes for a better sleep, the mood is always peaceful, happy and happy. Burning lotus buds will bring good energy, luck and fortune to you, balance feng shui energy in the home.

-Turn one incense burner into a small bowl or bass waterfall, which can be placed anywhere in the house you want to inhale.

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T3 Th6 23 , 2020
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